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Designing the future of hockey in Canada

We are an innovation lab addressing complex problems within the sport of hockey. We convene groups that represent the diverse communities across Canada, facilitate a co-design process with community changemakers, identify ways to expand the reach of the sport, and provide resources to overcome big challenges.

Here’s a look into our innovation lab approach:

  • We view challenges from a systems perspective.
  • We engage diverse participants in a process of co-creation and collaboration.
  • We focus on generating alternative (sometimes radically different) approaches and strategies.
  • We prototype new ideas at a small scale.
  • We accelerate the learning process. Having identified what works and what doesn’t (“failing fast”), we adapt an idea accordingly and test it again.
  • As promising ideas emerge, we may redirect more resources to support the growth and adoption of these ideas (“scaling”). Alternatively, we may remain focused on the “research and development” role and seek partners to lead the scaling effort.

Community participation

Our Process

We accelerate change with inclusive innovation techniques that are open to all. The Future of Hockey Lab runs community cohort programs to identify innovations that can make the sport more accessible and create a sense of belonging for all. At any given time in the lab, there are groups and initiatives moving through this process, each tackling different problems.

Our Process
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By The Numbers 2
By The Numbers 3

Our Values

Our Values

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Our Partners

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